OnAir Model 3
Revolutionary Comfort Awaits
Easy Install
Seamless OEM Integration, easy plug and play installation
3-Year Warranty
Industry Leading 3 Year Warranty
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Revolutionary Comfort

MasoAir Engineering has been innovating air suspension systems for 8 years, revolutionizing the comfort standard in every way.

The all-new OnAir product delivers unrivaled comfort without compromising handling dynamics. It also significantly reduces road noise for a quieter cabin.

Each ultra-innovative system is tailored to a specific vehicle model, focusing on seamless OEM integration and easy plug-and-play installation without intrusion into the vehicle body.

All OnAir products come with a 3-year limited warranty on the original installation. Our products are built using the highest quality materials to ensure reliability in even the most extreme environments.

Here are some of the benefits of using OnAir air suspension:

  • Smoother ride
  • Improved handling
  • Reduced road noise
  • Seamless OEM integration
  • Easy plug-and-play installation
  • +10% Range
  • 3-year limited warranty


If you’re looking for a way to improve the comfort and performance of your Tesla Model 3 or Y, then OnAir air suspension is the perfect solution. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you upgrade your vehicle.

All In One Smart User Interface via Bluetooth

Variable Smart Speed  Increase of up to +10% range

Center console quick access controller

Control Module

Upgraded processor and Bluetooth software to ensure the best user experience

OnAir Struts

The new dust cover seal design not only provides a great aesthetic feel, but also increases the life expectancy of the system

OEM Direct Replacement

Each component is adjusted to the best installation state before leaving the factory, reducing installation time to within 8 hours, with a 3-year warranty on the original vehicle.

Product Photos

iPhone App Download

Android App Download

Please be advised:

  • Scan the code to download the APP, find the installation and user manual in the menu bar of the APP
  • After the installation, the power will turn on, and the system will automatically start inflating the air tank to operation pressure, no additional operation is required at this time. The system will stop automatically after the pressure is reached, please be patient. After the initial pumping, in order to prevent the system from overheating, please let it sit for a few minutes before lifting and lowering the vehicle. At this time, you can view the “Air Tank Pressure” in the app.
  • Use the ALL DOWN function, if the initial state of the vehicle is at the ALL DOWN setting, please raise the vehicle to LOW first, before going into a different height setting
  • Do not frequently raise and lower the vehicle in a short period of time, the continuous operation of the system might cause overheating in the equipment, resulting in failure or damage, which might not be covered under the warranty.
  • After the installation, please double-check strut tower bolts, shock absorber bolts, locking rings and all connecting rod bolts of the chassis, etc before beginning the road test
  • Do not dismantle any of the equipment and parts, it will void the warranty
  • If you have any additional questions, please contact us